Sunday, November 8, 2009


Blogs are banned at my school, Reedsville Elementary.

Unfortunately, the administration at my school not see that blogs are a great educational tool that my students use on a daily basis outside of school.

I think that my students would benefit from using blogs in school, not only educationally, but they would also learn acceptable ways to use blogs (under my supervision).

How can I get my school to change this policy? That is the question.


  1. Blogging is also banned at my school. The policy is not a school policy, but rather a county wide policy here in Harford County MD. My principal and I are the same page when it comes to the issue, we both feel it's a remarkable educational tool. Please keep use posted if you make any forward progress!

  2. Amy, I think one way to get around this issue is using a Wiki and using the discussion or blog features.


  3. Does your adminstration know that you filter and check the comments before they post? Maybe you can share with your adminstration the ways that Walden classmates are untilizing blogs. Good Luck!!