Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monitoring Your GAME Plan Progress

At this point, I have found two ways to incorporate technology into my classroom, using flip cameras and incorporating VoiceThreads into social studies. To help me accomplish these goals, I have downloaded Audacity onto some work computers. Also, the sixth grade recently purchased a video camera and I brought in my flip camera.

This week I have found two more ideas that I want to add to my goals. The first idea is digital storytelling and it will be developed through the class I am enrolled in at Walden University, Integrating Technology Across the Content Areas. After reading ahead and learning that we are going to create lessons for digital storytelling, this is a no-brainer. I am thinking about my options for this project, I could have students complete it in the lab or we could use IPod touches. The other idea I want to add to my list is using Google Earth to supplement my social studies class. Today on the site I read an article on ten US history Google Earth tours. This is a perfect way to supplement my ten year old texts that lack substance.

I still need one more goal but I am starting to spend time thinking about how to put my four ideas into action.



  1. Craig,

    As I learned in a previous course, virtual field trips can be a rich experience for students and teachers who do not have the resources available to visit real sites. Voicethreads are a good start to integrating technology. Since you are installing Audacity, this can also be used for creating podcasts which are another valuable way for students to express their knowledge.

  2. Craig,

    I'm also using VoiceThread in my class adn the kids are really enjoying workign with it. It's taking them some time to 'play' with it and get into it but now, they are ona roll. I think that the idea of using Google Earth is also really good as to it may pin point a specific location. I would suggest using a digital field trip so the kids may travel the globe. I recently created one on the Serengeti desert and the kids really enjoyed it and they felt like they were actually there.

    Good Luck with everything,

  3. Jody and Jess,

    The amount of free and useful information is awesome. Using Audacity is as easy as it gets and the students love it. VoiceThreads really help my quiet students participate. After playing with Google Earth for a few minutes I can see why students feel like they are actually a part of the trip.

    Thanks for the comments