Thursday, October 28, 2010

Final Blog Reflection

The creation of my GAME Plan will forever be a guide to integrating technology into my lessons. The integration of technology positively influences my student’s learning and makes my lessons more effective. As I constantly continue to implement more technology, the goals I set from my GAME Plan will continue the shift from traditional lesson to technological lessons.

The biggest influence the GAME Plan has had on my practice is goal setting. My goals have set the direction for incorporating more and more technology into my lesson planning and allowing students choices to complete their assignments. My first goal was to implement five new technologies into my curriculum. I currently am working on integrating digital storytelling and using flip cameras into language arts. In social studies, we are using timelines and virtual field trips. It takes more planning time when using technology, but the students will benefit from its use. The GAME Plan has also given me more confidence when using technology in the classroom and I am always thinking of ways to replace my textbook lesson with tech. I also have set a goal that when my five goals for this class run out that I will try to implement one new tech per month as long as I am a teacher. Hopefully my aspirations do not pass up the technology my district can provide!

With the GAME Plan now guiding my use of technology in my lessons, I have made many adjustments to my teaching. Now, my main focus is teaching 21st century skills in language arts and social studies without hesitation. My students will benefit from mastering web 2.0 tools and other technology and the experience that will prepare them for the rest of their lives. I also am more willing to allow students technological choices to complete assignments. I know that students, who create artifacts for learning, learn more than students who complete worksheets.

All in all, with the GAME Plan as my guide, my students will learn more, be more engaged in lessons, and prepare themselves for their futures. As a teacher, reflection after lesson completion has become a part of my growth as a teacher using technology. All the knowledge and experience I am gaining using technology in my classroom is making the use of technology the traditional way I present content.


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